Fingerfood Options


Whether you are after a couple of platters for a meeting, catering for a wake or a stylish cocktail party we can work out a suitable menu to suit your function and budget. If preferred a per head price can be given

1. Nibble Platter– Kabana, cubed cheese, vegetable crudites, 1 dip, crackers , one large platter $40

    1. Premium antipasto-kabana, salami, semi-dried tomato, olives, fetta, camembert, dip, cheddar, blue vein cheese, marinated artichoke, dolmades, roasted capsicum, one large platter $60


    1. Pastry-mix of pies, pasties, sausage rolls with sauce 36 pieces $45


    1. Sandwiches-(9 whole assorted sandwiches cut into triangles) $45


    1. Battered flathead strips with tartare and chips in their own individual cup or on a platter $70 15 portions


    1. Arancini Balls with relish V 20 pieces $50


    1. Pumpkin and Haloumi salad with basil pesto served in individual cups V GF 20 cups $50


    1. Chicken Tenderloins-fried with dipping sauce 20 pieces $50


    1. Lamb Kofta balls with yoghurt and mint dipping sauce 35 pieces GF $70


    1. Asian-dim sims, spring rolls, samosas 36 pieces of each $60


    1. Salt and pepper squid-90 pieces GF $60


    1. Trio of dips served with toasted pitta bread, one large platter $30


    1. Crumbed Mushrooms with aioli per bowl $12


    1. Bowls of chips-large $5


    1. Bowls of wedges and sour cream $9


    1. Bread rolls-.80 pp


    1. Cheese and fresh fruit– Brie, blue vein, swiss , cheddar, assorted dried fruit and crackers $50


    1. Fresh fruit-seasonal mixture 30 pieces GF $35


    1. Platter of assorted biscuits 50 pieces $40


    1. Platter of assorted sweet treats 20 pieces $40


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